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Status Rv13 over Vikjafjellet
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The weather stations with colour coding:
Voll (55 m a.s.l.)
Owner: Torstein Hønsi
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Hestavollane (885 m a.s.l.)
Owner: Statkraft
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Sopande (1154 m a.s.l.)
Owner: Statkraft
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June 2017
Week 25
Week 26
Saturday 24
Sunday 25
Monday 26
Tuesday 27
June 28th 2017

The Sun:

The Moon:
Waxing moon with 20 % of the visible disk illuminated. Next full moon is July 9th.
Neste merkedag:

Syftesok (Svithunsmesse, gamle jonsok) (July 2nd)
Slik veret er i dag skal det vera fram til olsok. Regna det denne dagen vart det ei våt slåttonn.
Syfta tydde rensa, so no skulle åkrane renskast for ugras.

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