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Welcome to, Torstein Hønsi´s home pages. The theme of this site is Vik i Sogn, Norway. I started in April 2000 by publishing pictures of 50 summer farms in the mountains. Since then the site has been growing continuously, and now I mainly concentrate on the Photo Album, where I publish pictures from nature and cultural landscape in Vik.


Voll (4:19 pm) Kålsete (4:19 pm) Hestavollane (Feil)
Temperature 21,2 °C 17,3 °C ---
Wind speed 0,0 m/s (calm) 0,0 m/s (calm) ---
Wind direction None None ---
Humidity 87 % 91 % ---
Precip. last hour 0,0 mm 0,0 mm
Nedbør i dag 0,0 mm 5,2 mm Sopande (3:00 pm)
Air pressure Stabilt Stabilt 12,6 ºC
The mountain weather is delivered by Statens Vegvesen og Statkraft Vikfalli

Vegmeldingar for Rv 13 over Vikjafjellet

Sjå Statens Vegvesen. Feil i kommunikasjonen med tenaren.
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